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Friday, February 19, 2010

Nutrition Supplement

Anyone yg pernah try mana2 produk kolagen?


produk kolagen Rosyvelle ?

Sape2 yg dah try tu share la info kat sini...

Saya teringin nak try... kot la yg pernah try... bagi la testi... hehehe

baru berani nak cuba... :P

produk ni saya tau through my beauty consultant... (slalu buat facial kat dia)

mmg la dia kata ok... tapi sbb2 harganya mahal RM248... jadi fikir berkali2 ler...

dalam 1 box ada 30 sachets...

hhmmm... bole tahan sebulan kalau minum 1 sachet sehari...

kalau 2 kali minum? ish baru 15 hari... ngegegee..

tapi kalau berbaloi... apa salahnyer mencuba? :)

bila baca info pasal produk ni mcm teruja...

jom sharing the info...

 Nutrition Care Product


Asta Collagen is a product of a patented hydrolysis by low-temperature extraction technologywith world-class standard to retain the activity of the collagen triple helix structure and its biological. It used to minify the 30-50 million of its original weight to 2000 Dayton which can be easily absorb by our body system.

Asta Collagen is running in our body system with its natural health directly after consuming through its unique structure of small molecules. It can quickly be absorbed into the our blood circulation that achieve breast firming, uterine contraction, hip up, whitening, anti aging, skin moisturizing, whitening, firming, and wrinkles reduction. This is the only products that can protect the female beauty from inner and outer.

Obvious effective!

In 5 days: Dry skin become more lubrication!

7th-14th days: Skin become luster and exquisite!

Female breasts start firm and flexible!

In 1st month: Skin begins moisture and whitening! Hair supply then before!Tightening the uterus and vaginal muscles,enhance the sensual lifestyle between husband and wife!

In 2nd month: Looseness skin become more compact! Improve the melanoma of skin, fine lines, spots, scars, stretch mark!

After 3th month: Body Skin shows more whitening, lubricating and shiny!Female breasts become full, tall and straight flexible!

Stronger our bones and strengthen our hair and nails!

Asta collagen provided us not only the outer beauty but also to our health!

It’s suitable for those who suffering from arthritis and back pain.

Asta collagen is the economic product that not only allows you to resume as the teenage girl with “real tight vagina, breast enhancement, and hip-up”. Repair every inch of your body so delicate as a young girls from head to toe.

(* The effect decides by individual physique.

**The pregnant woman, below 12 years old the child and each kind of serious disease patient please consult doctor.)

What’s ASTA COLLAGEN can did?

-Breast Firming: Looseness breast become firm, plump, tall and straight flexible

-Contraction of the uterus: tighten the uterus muscles and genitals,enhance the sexual life between husband and wife to improve the sexless trouble

-Inhibit melanin, skin whitening, dilute the stretch marks, tighten the stomach

-Improve blood circulation, reducing wrinkles, repair fine lines and black eye problem

-Contraction of skin pores and keep our skins moisturizing skin become tighten, shiny and flexible;

-Improves woman endocrine regulation, upon period pain and leucorrhea


-Prevention and treatment of skin aging

-Activation of bones and tendons, improve the bone and joint pain effectively

The Positive role of breast firming with Asta Collagen:

1. Breast conservation on skin, enhance its flexibility and breast colour improved.

2. Rapid absorption of the breasts with full nutrition and become more stronger with breasts growth promote.

3. To guide the accumulation of fat molecules in the chest to upgrade the breasts compact Asta Collagen stimulates the female’s own estrogen secreted easily by promoting our breast nipple pipe connections to enhance the development of our breasts tissue. In addition, Asta Collagen given every woman a second chance to re-development our breasts with supporting the growth of basal cells, fat molecules and ligaments in our breasts area effectively that make our breasts compact and flexible, Therefore, The breast firming propose with Asta Collagen is as nature as the process of female puberty. The hydrolyzed collagen of Asta collagen is an important part of the breast to maintain the flexibility of biological macromolecules. Therefore, we must be replace with collagen that act as ‘rope’ to fix the breast position, maintenance its performance to ensure that breast plump, tall and straight. Consuming Asta Collagen daily is the root of the key measures to make sure the breast firmly fixed to the skin and restore youthful breast appearance.

Asta collagen and its slimming function… …

A balanced fat burning(catabolism) in our body system to achieve a healthy weight lose. Hydrolyzed collagen in Asta collagen enable to increased and extended this catabolic process that the body fat molecule can be burn out effectively.

In addition, Asta collagen will help our body system to increase its energy consumptions in large amount in cell’s repair function

which will carry out under sleeping period.

In fact, consuming Asta collagen before sleep will helps us be able to lose weight easily while we are sleeping and rest. You may coupled with our Easyfit Hi-fibre to achieve better results in weight loss and body building.

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