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Sunday, March 14, 2010

:: Adam Aiman Shah ::

he is my eldest nephew

he's so smart

he's so creative

he calls me "acu"

he likes drawing

..and this is him...

pic taken while he's not in happy mood :( 

his touch... me likey!

his imagination (ada ke honda speedy? or me just not aware?) heheheh

his on-the-spot drawing

and... that's me...!
he drew this 4-5 years back 
2005/2006... he was 5 during that year
i was preggy... and Emir was inside there!...

nampak perut ku yg bulat itu... hahahah
so funny but to me its still cute!...
and i still simpan drawing tu lekat at my fridge...


eynda said...

So cute!! Pandai dia melukis...macam my adam jugak ni hehe...

hans said...

kak eynda: hhmm ye la.. org nama adam nih creative kot! hihhi